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Food delivery in train at Buxar Jn

Get food delivery in train at Buxar Junction when hunger knocks via travelling

About Buxar: Located in the Indian state of Bihar, the historic city of Buxar is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It is located on the banks of the river Ganges and has many historical monuments and temples, making it a popular tourist destination. One of the unique facts of Buxar is the festival of “Satuaan”. You can order Food delivery in train at Buxar railway station from Trainscafe.

The entire people of Buxar visit the banks of River Ganga and prepare litti-chokha (a famous Bihari Dish). It is believed that Lord Rama during his exile period stayed at Charitravann in Buxar and cooked Litti to satiate his hunger. The famous sweet of Buxar is the “Soan Papdi” freshly made with ghee and Gram flour, available on the streets and corners of Buxar. It’s a small city that has a historic past and a mythological hub of temples and Gurus.

Trains via Buxar: Buxar is best connected by train and several trains pass through the city daily. These trains cater to long-distance and long-distance passengers, making it easier to travel to and from Buxar. Many trains are crossing Buxar like Secunderabad Express, Chiranjeevi Express, Azimabad Express, Upasana Express, Bagmati Express, Kumbh Express, and many more. Many local passenger trains are serving the railway station and the people of Buxar.

Food delivery in train at Buxar is facilitated by various platforms

Several food delivery services operate in Buxar, offering passengers convenient ways to order food online while traveling by train. These apps include popular platforms like Trainscafe Passengers can easily access these apps through their smartphones and order Food delivery in train at Buxar their favourite meals.

Different types of food at Buxar

The food delivery service in Buxar offers a wide variety of dishes to cater to the different culinary tastes of travelers. These groups are usually: Foods of North India South Indian recipes Chinese food Continental foods Snacks and drinks Desserts and desserts.

Most favourite food Buxar Railway station

While traveling by train on Boxer, passengers often want food that is not only tasty but easy to eat during the journey. Biryani and rice Vegetable parathas Thalis (all-purpose food). Sandwiches and wraps Samosas, pakoras, and other snacks Tea, coffee, and other beverages Gulab jamun, rasgulla, and other desserts.

Restaurants offering their services for these apps in Buxar

Many restaurants Food delivery in train at Buxar are offering their services to train travelers through food delivery apps. These restaurants ensure that freshly prepared food is delivered to the passengers on board on time. Some of the most popular restaurants offering their services through these apps are well-known local restaurants and chains, offering travelers a variety of dining options.

Trainscafe Restaurant - The Spice of Buxar- This restaurant is famous for its veg food in train/Non-veg/Chinese/South Indian food throughout the city of Buxar. Their delicacies are renowned at every corner of the city. Now, the restaurant has started to deliver its dishes to the passengers traveling by train. They even have a special menu to be delivered or is available on the station premises.

Order food by train from Chovbara at Buxar railway station online in just a few simple clicks. Get food delivery on the train right at your berth/seat. Chovbara is serving meals to railway passengers through Trainscafe Service hours for train food orders by Chovbara start from 11:00 hrs and continue till 22:00 hrs. The cut-off time to book orders from Chovbara at Buxar Railway station is 65 minutes.

You can book breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the exhaustive menu for self, family, or bulk orders for groups or teams traveling from Chobara. Try many other mouth-watering cuisines here for your journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I order food online for my train journey from Buxar? 

Yes, you can order food for your train journey online using food delivery apps or WhatsApp food order in train at Buxar railway station.

Q. How can I book train delivery food in Buxar? 

Train passengers can download any of the meals, choose their train information and favorite foods, and order them through the app.

Q. Are there any plant options for rail feeding in Buxar? 

Yes, Food delivery in train at Buxar offers vegetarian options to cater to the dietary preferences of travelers.

Q. Can I check the status of my food order through these apps? 

Yes, most food delivery apps offer real-time tracking, allowing you to see the status of your order from preparation to delivery.


Many people search Group food ordering in train at Buxar has never been easier as many food delivery apps offer a wide variety of food options from different restaurants. Whether you like traditional Indian food or international food for a delicious meal, you can have delicious food delivered to your seat. Being a delightful culinary experience.

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