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Order Food in Train

Just order food in train and satisfy your hunger without any hassle

Embarking on train journeys in India can be a quite thrilling & varied adventure, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes and providing the travel enthusiasts an opportunity to immerse themselves in the country's cultural tapestry through the exploration of new places. Nevertheless, a constant apprehension for travellers revolves around the quality & affordability of on-train food served by IRCTC. While the Indian Railways offers pantry car services & station stalls, these choices might not always align with passengers' budget constraints or culinary preferences for their local flavors. With the convenience of ordering food online for train travel, passengers now have the option to order food in train only to discover an extensive selection of pocket-friendly & delectable meals to enhance their travel experience. Yes! You heard it right! You can now order food in train to enjoy those scrumptious delights while on the move!

Is Good Food Available in Train?

Train travel in India presents a chance to behold the landscapes of our nation and completely engage in the awesome journey. Yet, one aspect that may be challenging for the adventure enthusiast is locating food options at railway stations. Fortunately, thanks to the technological advancements & innovative services of online food delivery in trains, passengers can now have yummy going in their tummy while on the move! Passengers can now effortlessly order food in train to have those delectable delicacies delivered directly to their train seat by the facility to order food easily while traveling by train.

Order Food in Train from a Restaurant

Train food delivery services at railway stations have remarkably revolutionized the way passengers relish their meals now during train journeys. Such services bring convenience, variety, & high-quality food options to enhance the dining experience; thus, making train travel more enjoyable & comfortable. By utilizing smartphone apps for ordering food, coupled with a range of choices available; travellers can now savour their favourite dishes while moving from one destination to another.

Order Food Online in Running Train

You can get the benefit by placing an order for food delivery in train from popular cafes at all railway stations. Railway station food delivery functions via end user platforms & smartphone apps, which all have streamlined processes that work very efficiently for your gain. Here goes the simple process:

 Download the food delivery app.

 Enter your train information.

 Browse through the menu.

 Place your order.

 Complete the payment.

 Track your order.

 Pick your order at a particular railway station.

 Enjoy your meal.

Order Jain Food in Train

Are you kind of dissatisfied with the quality of the rail khana served in trains? Do you wish to relish good Jain food while traveling? Put your concerns to rest! You can unlock the secret to relishing delicious & hygienic Jain food by ordering food online in train.

How to Order Food in Train from Outside?

Several food delivery platforms are active in major cities throughout India. Although they might not provide you direct delivery to the train, you have the option of ordering for pick-up at some designated railway station(s). Notably, such online platforms have multiple collaborations with different food establishments at different railway stations, enabling you to conveniently order your desired meals. This whole process serves as a practical & budget-friendly method to savour restaurant-quality meals during your train journey.

How Do I Find My PNR Number?

The Passenger Name Record (which is commonly known as PNR), happens to be a ten-digit identifier produced by the Indian Railways. This number encompasses comprehensive travel information for passengers, including details such as train name & number, coach/berth number, source & destination stations, total travel distance in kilometres, as well as fare particulars. Additionally, this number indicates the confirmation status of the train ticket of the passenger, specifying whether it is confirmed or not, whether it is in the Reservation Against Cancellation (that is RAC) category, or in a waiting status. This PNR number is printed on the upper-left corner of the passenger’s railway ticket. On exploring the various components of the ticket virtually, Check the PNR no. emerges as the key determinant of the train journey's status.

Can We Order Food in Train without PNR?

Yes! Some service providers even let you order food in train online without the PNR number. So, you can thus order food in train without PNR number. Simply input your train name and/or number, and then choose the boarding date, and specify the boarding station for your train food order; as simple as that!

Train journeys in India now needn’t be associated with bland & unappealing food as there are plenty of budget-friendly scrumptious alternatives to discover while “chuk-chucking” on the tracks. Whether you choose the convenience of IRCTC’s FSSAI e-catering, binge on your regional delicacies, enjoy the food brought from home, or order food in train online, relish these straightforward & economical meal choices during your train journey. Therefore, the next time you embark on a train journey in the Indian sub-continent, consider the benefits of these online food delivery options in trains for a more gratifying experience.