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Jain Food Delivery in Train

Order Jain food delivery in train for a wholesome and delicious meal on the go

Jainism is an ancient religion that supports non-violence, compassion and respect for all living beings in the world. They practice these principles in day-to-day life, as well as in food. Jain food delivery in train is strictly vegetarian, being vegetarian, Jains also avoid root vegetables, onion, garlic and some other ingredients that are considered harmful to the environment (or) the microorganisms in the soil.

Jain food is meticulously prepared with minimal wastage & without causing harm to any animals and plants.

So if you are a Jain Traveller and you want to eat the food according to your preference on your Train journey? Are you thinking about how to find the food that suits your food preferences and religious beliefs? Fortunately, there are some online catering services that provide Jain food for you and also deliver it to your train's seat

Ordering Jain Food Online on the Train-step by step common procedure

Ordering Jain Food Online is very simple. So, let's start

  • Visit the Website or Download the App: Access the website or download the app of any online food delivery platform that offers Jain food options for train passengers.

  • Enter PNR Number/Train Number: Provide your PNR number or train number, Check your PNR number and then select your boarding station as well as your delivery railway station.

  • Browse the Special Menu Options: Explore the special menu options provided by the restaurants and cuisines for Jain food.

  • Customize Your Food: Customize your food according to your preferences, especially tailored for Jains, and then add the food items to your cart.

  • Check and Confirm Your Order: After customizing your order, review it and confirm before proceeding.

  • Choose Your Payment Method: You can pay using any method available, either online payment or cash on delivery.

  • Relish Your Jain Food: Once your order is confirmed and delivered, enjoy your desired Jain food with a happy stomach and a relaxed mood.

Jain food in Train options to try on trying Journeys

If someone says Jain food is boring and bland. It's absolutely not the truth. Jain food is rich in flavours, textures & nutrients. There is a variety of food, you should try to know the amazing taste from traditional to modern, snacks to the main course, Indian to International. Come, let's know about some delicious Jain food delivery in Train.

Jain Pav Bhaji delivery in train

It is popular street food in Mumbai. Jain Pav Bhaji is a spicy and tanky one made with vegetable curry without onion and garlic served with buttery bread rolls.

Jain Dal Makhani delivery in train:

Jain Dal Makhani is a creamy dish with rich lentils. It is prepared with whole black gram and kidney beans cooked without onion & garlic, then flavoured with butter, cream and spices.

Jain Paneer Tikka Masala delivery in train:

This is a mouth-watering dish put together with ingredients of grilled cottage cheese cubes cooked in a tomato-based gravy without onion and garlic, at last seasoned with cashew paste, cream and spices.

Jain Biryani delivery in train:

Jain Biryani is an aromatic and flavourful dish cooked with rice, vegetables, dry fruits and Spices without onion and garlic then garnished with Mint leaves

Jain Pizza delivery in train:

A cheesy and crispy Pizza topped with tomato, sauce, cheese and various vegetables without onion and garlic baked in an oven.

Jain Khakhra delivery in train:

Jain khakhra is a whole dish made with thin and crunchy flatbread from wheat flour, oil and spices. These are roasted on a grill and served with side dishes like people or chutney.

Jain Dhokla delivery in train:

It is a soft and spongy steamed cake made from fermented rice and chickpea flour, seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. After that, it's decorated with coconut and coriander.

Jain Khandvi delivery in train:

Khandvi is a delicate and savoury snack prepared from gram flour and yogurt, rolled into thin sheets and garnished with mustard seeds, sesame seeds and coconut.

Not only these, but there are also more dishes like Jain Idli, Jain Samosa, Jain Chole, Jain Pasta, Jain Thali etc.


Jain food delivery in train is a wholesome, healthy, ethical and delicious way of eating. It respects all forms of life and the environment. If you are a Jain traveller and want to eat delicious Jain food on your train and travel with ease. The simple and easy way is to order your preferred food from an online platform which has options for Jain food and is also authorised by FSSAI. Trainscafe is the online platform, you can browse through a variety of Jain dishes and order them. Online food catering is a convenient and Stress-free method to order online food and relish it on your train journey with a joyful stomach and a peaceful mind.

FAQs[Frequently Asked Questions]:

Q: What is Jain food and why is it different from other vegetarian food?

A- Trainscafe Jain food delivery in train is one kind of vegetarian food that obeys the principle of nonviolence & compassion. Jain food doesn't have any root vegetables like onions, Garlic, potatoes, carrots etc… as they are considered as the source of life for many organisms. It also avoids honey, mushrooms and fermented products as they affect the living being.

Q: Where can I book my Jain food delivery in train Online through the Mobile app?

A- There are various apps to order Jain food delivery in Train online through Trainscafe. You can go through this app that suits your preferences and the delivery period of food to your Train. They provide fresh and hygienic Jain foods according to your preferences and beliefs.

Q: What are some of the Jain food options available for train journeys?

A-There is a variety of Jain food delivery in train, you should try to know the amazing taste. Some of the delicious Jain foods are, 

  • Jain Biryani,

  • Jain Paneer Tikka Masala,

  • Jain Dal Makhani,

  • Jain Pav Bhaji,

  • Jain Khakhra,

  • Jain Pizza,

  • Jain Dhokla,

  • Jain Khandvi,

  • Jain thali,

  • Jain sweets,

  • Jain khana &

  • Jain snacks etc …

These foods are prepared without any root vegetables like tryonions, Garlic, potatoes, carrots & also avoid honey, mushrooms and fermented products in any sweet products.

Q: How can I ensure the quality and hygiene of the Jain food delivered on trains?

A- There are various steps to ensure the quality and hygiene of the Jain food delivered on trains, such as checking restaurants which supply Jain foods have FSSAI-approved certificates and strictly follow the quality and hygiene standards. Furthermore, check if the food ensures the quality and hygiene of the Jain food delivered in trains is packed with eco-friendly containers and delivered by delivery agents who follow COVID-19 rules and guidelines for more assurance, you can go through reviews of the customers to the restaurants before ordering the food.

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