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Online Food Delivery in Train at Beas

Experience the Best Online food delivery in train at Beas Junction to make your journey smooth.

Traveling is one of those pleasures that turns your life into the most extraordinary moment you ever imagine. Making a journey through the train is one of those exciting feelings that gives you a glimpse of natural beauty with your companions. Trains are one of the widely used daily transportation modes in India. If you're traveling through Beas and craving a delightful meal onboard, look no further than Trainscafe for Online Food Delivery in Train at Beas railway station. Whether you're admiring the scenic views or catching up with your companions, our service ensures that you can enjoy a delicious meal right at your seat, adding to the joy of your journey. With Trainscafe, your train travel experience becomes not just about the destination, but also about the delectable moments along the way.

Your journey with online food delivery in the train at Beas is special with family, friends, music, jokes, and guess! The FOOD. When you travel, food makes your journey more special and memorable. But sometimes it seems awkward to carry favorite cuisines in large loads of bags and then have them.

Let us know you people something interesting about Beas

Beas is located on the riverfront of the Punjab district of Amritsar. It is basically situated in the most famous city of Punjab. You can experience the delightful cuisines of your choice while traveling through online food delivery in train at Beas railway station.

There are many trains through which you can make up your journey. The first one are Hirakud Express, Jannayak Express, Akal Takhat Express, Tata Jat Express, and many more

Different types of food at the train seat - Unlimited Range

Your dining delights will make your taste buds tantalizing with its premium flavors and affordable prices. There is no end to the veracity that you can get through online food delivery platforms like- Trainscafe. Trainscafe is one of India’s trusted online food delivery services that brings you a blend of exotic delights.

Veg and Non-Veg food delivery in train

There is a wide variety of culinary delights that will turn your ordinary journey into a culinary adventure with delicious online food delivery in the train at Beas railway station, and we also provide non veg food delivery in train through various top restaurants.

Some of the most liked delightful cuisines at beas

Spring Roll: This is a kind of dumpling that is made popular in Cantonese cuisine and is served to celebrate the arrival of spring. In India, they are deep-fried till golden and then stuffed with thinly sliced veggies.

Schezhuan Chicken: Take caution before trying this dish as some individuals find the Schezuan-flavoured foods to be too hot. It makes extensive use of ginger, garlic, and dried red chilies. This online food delivery in train at Beas is made with hygienic products that take care of the taste and health as well.

Veg Manchurian: You might have frequently eaten veg Manchurian at your home or the wedding as it is a universal all-time favorite Chinese cuisine. It is a great combination of various green and red vegetables including cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, and many more that makes your snacks lovable while traveling on a train. You can easily order veg Manchurian by train as it is available at every online food delivery service.

Sweet Corn Soup: Everybody who has ever had Chinese food in India knows that Sweet Corn Soup is a favorite. It is so well-liked that premade versions come in packets; they include the ingredients that, when heated in water, produce sweet corn soup. Sweet corn, chicken stock, egg, and chunks of chicken are ingredients in the soup. Because sweet corn is added, it has a slight sweetness to it.

Momos: No matter which age group you belong to, you will always love eating momos also known as Dimsums. There are three types available: chicken, paneer, and veg food in train, each with a different filling. Chinese tea time snacks, known as dim sum, come in a variety of flavors, including both sweet and savory.

Benefits of ordering food on the train

There are numerous benefits if you choose to make online food your travel partner and make it more amazing.

Versatile Options

The feeling you receive is one of the best things about buying food online. A wide range of delicacies, including your favorites and the national cuisines of the nations you pass through, are available when you travel by train. This means you may now order any dish you want, be it Chinese, South American, vegetarian, or Jain thalis, or even just rice.

Most Convenient

Online food delivery services let customers enjoy their train journey without having to purchase meals on board by offering refund options and a straightforward ordering process. In contrast to train meal delivery services, these providers prioritize client satisfaction by providing refunds if the ordered food does not come up to expectations.

Top-notch quality

You don't need to worry about the food quality at all when you use an online meal delivery service. Online meal delivery is unique and worthwhile due to a variety of features. Trains Cafe ensures the reach of premium quality online food delivery in train at Beas and makes you feel like sitting at the restaurant.

Reasonable Rates

One thing you will appreciate about ordering food online is that, except for a few rail stations where delivery fees may apply, customers can enjoy certified restaurant-quality meals at no additional cost. This reduces medical costs and helps to prevent health problems.

How to order online from Trainscafe?

When you are traveling by train and want to order online food in train, you must know some of the basic steps that are required for online food delivery in the train at Beas.

When you visit to Trainscafe website, you just need to follow the below given steps to work and your order will be delivered to your comfort seat without any hustle or bustle.

  1. Go to the Trains cafe website

  2. Enter the ten-digit PNR number of your ticket.

  3. Choose the restaurant and station where you want the meal delivered. (A list of stations will be displayed in the drop-down menu)

  4. A new page with food menus and pricing will be presented; select the food you wish to consume.

  5. Next, choose your chosen way of payment.

  6. Multiple online payment choices are available; choose to pay securely online, or you may pick the Cash on Delivery payment method.    


This makes it obvious that anybody can utilize Trainscafe to quickly prepare the perfect dinner for their guests. This delicious meal is intended to put train travelers in a lively frame of mind.

Your delicious lunch will be brought right to your seat so you can spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying fresh, gourmet cuisine. Explore a wide range of selections of online food delivery in train at Basti from our menu that includes both Indian and international cuisines.