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Online food in train at agra fort

Order Food in Train Online at Agra Fort 

Located in northern India, about 200 km from Delhi, on the right bank of the Yamuna River, Agra is one of the most important cities of Uttar Pradesh. Today, Agra is an unmissable city with its countless buildings dating back to the times of the tycoon - the Agra Fort. This majestic red sandstone Fort is the work of Emperor Akbar. It is obvious that traveling to this destination will be incomplete without having tasty yet hygienic food. Ordering food online from Trainscafe has made the food journey of various travelers easy as you can get Agra Fort food delivery in train at your seat. Food delivered by Trainscafe in trains is not only yummy but also comes in various varieties which include various cuisines such as Rajasthani cuisine, specialty from Agra, and other Indian cuisines.

Trainscafe – Revolutionizing the Food Dine-In Experience in Train

When it comes to delivering the food in the train, Trainscafe leaves no stone unturned in meeting the food requirements of travelers. Many tourists find it difficult in getting tasty yet hygienic food, especially of their choice, therefore Trainscafe ensures that quality food is delivered. Reaching Agra actually poses no problem from the arrival of restaurant near Agra Railway Station, given that it is well served by a fairly large railway connectivity. 

Process of Order Food in Train Online

The process to Order Food in Train Online at Agra Fort is very convenient. You only have to follow few steps which are mentioned below:

  • Choose the station.

  • Select the train you from which you will travel.

  • Mention the seat number of the train.

  • Select the restaurant and the dish or meal you want to order.

  • Write down the customization message, if any.

  • Fill in the details regarding the delivery like Train running status, PNR number etc.

  • Make the transaction.

  • Select the mode of payment. (Net banking, credit card, Cash on delivery)

  • Place the order and it's done.

Thus, you don’t have to carry food with you as on your Agra Fort journey, your food delivered on the train right at your seat in just 15 minutes. Also, the best thing you don’t have to come at the door to receive your food parcel, our delivery partners will deliver the food at your seat. 

Order Food in Train Online - 24x7

Passengers face many problems during their journey in train especially when it comes to food. In the hustle bustle of life, nowadays no one has enough time to make the food and pack them for their journey. Here, Trainscafe came as a solution to many travelers. After a long survey, we got to know and understand the main problem that passenger’s face, which is not only food but also the quality of food.

Trainscafe believes in offering quality and hygiene food made with fresh ingredients and vegetables. We not only provide tasty food but also believe that you get appropriate nutrition in your meal. Thus, through our platform you can easily order food in train online and that too 24x7. Also, we value your and ours time so we ensure that the online food delivery in train is done in time. 

Advantages for Passengers of Ordering Food Online in Train from Trainscafe

1. A convenient, streamlined experience

The main advantage of ordering food online is its unparalleled convenience. Customers enjoy the flexibility of ordering from any location, eliminating the need to travel to pick up their meal. Features like easy replenishment, queue avoidance, and improved order accuracy dramatically streamline the restaurant experience.

2. Respond to Changing Dining Trends with the Help of Order Food in Train Online

Customers are increasingly looking for dining options that offer both traditional and at-home experiences. Order Food in Train Online from Trainscafe caters to these varied preferences, offering a blend of convenience and security.

3. Additional Benefits and Meal Choices

Order Food Online in Train from Trainscafe offers a plethora of benefits and culinary options to customers. We often offer attractive offers and promotions, which improve customer satisfaction and attract new customers. Virtual menus expand dining choices, introducing customers to a wide range of new cuisines and dishes. Complete with high-quality images, online menus make ordering a more engaging and exploratory experience.


Trainscafe serves their best-in-class online food delivery services at Agra Fort Railway Junction. Our food delivery services are full of varieties and convenient for passengers. Also, you do not have to worry about anything our platform delivers quality yet quantity food at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your phone and order your food online in train journey with us.

Additionally, Trainscafe also provides food delivery services in Agra cantt, catering to the culinary needs of passengers traveling through this city. Can't wait to try it out? Order your favorite meals for a satisfying train journey experience.


  1. How to order food online in train?

You have to follow the steps mentioned above to order the food online on the train or read our article “How to order online food in train”?

  1. What is the contact number and website of Trainscafe?

Website: - https://trainscafe.com/ OR Phone number & WhatsApp: - 8696963496.

  1. How will I be able to get food at Agra Fort Railway Station?

If you are looking for good and tasty food at Agra Railway Station, you can explore nearby restaurants or eateries or simply use our online food delivery services for your convenience.