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Online Food Order in Train at Ayodhya

Online Food Order in Train at Ayodhya Railway Station

Ayodhya Junction is the only railway station in Ayodhya. The station is located in the Indian Railways' northern region. There are three operational train platforms at the station. The station has excellent connections to several regions of the nation. Trains depart from Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, and other significant Indian cities. This station is connected with buses, taxis and many rickshaws. online food order in train at Ayodhya Junction serves many railway lines connect with it such as-

·         Varanasi-Jaunpur-Faizabad-Lucknow railway line

·         Gorakhpur-Mankapur-Ayodhya railway line

·         Ayodhya-Basti –Janakapur Railway line

Explore Ayodhya City

One of India's ancient city Ayodhya holds a particular role in Hindu mythology in the epic poem "Ramayana." The city is recognized as the "Birthplace of Shri Ram," the ancient ruler who took on human form and descended from the sky in order to eradicate all evil. Recently the inauguration of ‘Ram Mandir’ took place in Ayodhya. The city is situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh and on the bank of Sarayu River. In addition to the tale surrounding online food order in train at Ayodhya Junction, the city is well-known for having been home to Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira, according to written accounts.

Tourist places to visit in Ayodhya

Numerous tourist attractions have been constructed or maintained for years because the city is considered to be one of the Saptpuri's most significant pilgrimage sites.

1. Kanak Bhawan: Kanak Bhawan is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Rama and his consort Sita. According to legends, the temple was a gift from Queen Kaikeyi to Sita as a token of love.

2. Ram Mandir: It has been inaugurated on 22nd Jan 2024 in Ayodhya by our PM Narendra Modi. A lot of Hindus think it's situated near the site of Ram Janmabhoomi, the supposed birthplace of Hindu principality Rama.

3. Hanuman Garhi: Situated atop a mound, Hanuman Garhi is a prominent temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It offers panoramic views of Ayodhya and is a popular spot for both pilgrims and tourists.

4. Nageshwarnath Temple: The Nageshwarnath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the oldest temples in Ayodhya.

5. Sita Ki Rasoi: Sita Ki Rasoi, which translates to Sita's Kitchen, is a small kitchen believed to be where Sita cooked for Lord Rama.

Popular Restaurants near Ayodhya Railway Station

The best and popular restaurants near Ayodhya Junction under the radius of 5 km are-

1. Makan-Malai Restaurant- 2.4 km away from Ayodhya Junction

2. Awantika Restaurant-5 km away from Ayodhya Junction

3. The Aura Restaurant-3 km away Ayodhya Junction

4. Sharmas Resturant -5 km Ayodhya Junction

5. The Ramayana Hotel-3 km Ayodhya Junction

6. Amma ki Rasoi- 1.1 km away Ayodhya Junction

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How to get online food order in Train at Ashok Nagar Railway Station?

To book online food order in train at Ashok Nagar railway station (ASKN), follow the fowling steps-

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Select the Station: Choose Ashok Nagar (ASKN) as your respective railway station.

Choose Your Train: Identify the train you'll be traveling on from the available options

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Browse and select a Restaurant and Dish: Browse through the list of restaurants and select your preferred dish or meal.

Customize Your Order-Please mention any special requests or preferences you may have in the customized note.

Delivery Details: Fill in essential information like Train running status, PNR number, and any other relevant details for efficient delivery.

Payment Process: Complete the transaction securely to confirm your order. Select your preferred mode of payment from options like Net banking, credit card, or Cash on Delivery.

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Order a variety of cuisine on the train at the Ajmer railway station, such as:

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Sugar-free meals on trains.

Chinese cuisine in online food order in train at Ayodhya Junction, including fried rice, noodles, momos, Chinese Bhel, and vegetable Manchurian dishes.

Ajmer serves great pizza, burgers, pasta, and other Italian fare.

Zomato/Swiggy food delivery available at Ayodhya Railway station.

At the Ayodhya railway station, vegetarian and non-vegetarian thali are available.

Haldiram food delivery in train is available at Ayodhya Railway station.

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As Ayodhya continues to be a significant stop on the Indian Railways network, the introduction of online food ordering services enhances the overall travel experience for passengers. With a few clicks, travellers can transform their train journey into a gastronomic adventure, relishing the flavours of online food order in train at Ayodhya Junction from the comfort of their seats. Trainscafe provides best food delivery in train. Order food on train, contact us at 8696963496 or visit our website for more details.

FAQs[Frequently Asked Questions]:

Q. How to order a meal on train at Ayodhya Railway Station on call?

A. You can directly call us on 8696963496 to place your online food order in train. Trainscafe provides the best food delivery in train.

Q. Can I pay online for food order in train AYODHYA Cantt EXP 14206?

A. Yes, of course, order food in train at Ayodhya cantt you can pay online for your rail food from your preferred mode of payment options like Net banking, credit card, or Cash on Delivery.

Q. What is the special and famous sweet in Ayodhya?

A. The famous sweet of Ayodhya is Pedha. It comes in varieties of flavour and made up of condensed milk, and sugar, flavored with cardamom and garnished with pistachios. You can easily order it from Trainscafe.

Q. What is the name of the train station in Ayodhya?

A. The station name is Ayodhya Dham Junction railway station.

Q. Which is the best site to order food in train?

A. When it comes to ordering food for train journeys, Trainscafe stands out as a top choice. With Trainscafe, passengers can enjoy the best food options, including Jain food delivery in train, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian meals. Their service ensures fresh meals delivered directly to train seats through online ordering. So, if you're looking for the best site to order food in train, Trainscafe is the way to go.

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Ordering food online in Ayodhya for train delivery offers convenience and variety to passengers traveling by rail. Trainscafe, renowned for its top-notch culinary offerings, ensures that passengers can enjoy fresh and delicious meals right at their seats. With a diverse menu featuring options such as Jain food, veg food delivery in train, and non-vegetarian dishes in Train, travelers can satisfy their cravings while on the go. What's more, the pricing for Ayodhya train food delivery is reasonable, making it accessible to all passengers. Whether embarking on a short journey or a long-distance trip, ordering food online through Trainscafe ensures a delightful culinary experience throughout the journey.